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Cant get IP from DHCP through Wireless AP's - ZoneFlex R600 Dual Band

New Contributor II
Hi, we have 2 ZoneFlex R600 dual band AP's (9U1-R600-XX00), we are not using DHCP on the access points, but the border router is doing DHCP. Most mac's, iphones and windows devices work fine. We have a handful (about 5 out of 70) machines that just cannot get an IP via the wireless network. Sometimes if I disconnect/reconnect and disable/enable their adapters it works, but other times nothing works. If they connect via wired they get IP no problem every time, if they connect to other wireless networks they work fine. If I try to do ipconfig /renew, i get an error.  Any ideas?

Esteemed Contributor II
What kind of devices are these that get an error when you run ipconfig /renew?

New Contributor II
All windows machines, mostly windows 7, but some 10, some thinkpads and some dell machines.

I swear we're experiencing the same issue from time to time -- as recently as this morning. Are you running 802.1x auth?

We're running R710s w/ Windows DHCP, but 98% MacOS.

New Contributor II
Hi we are using WPA2.