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Migrating from ZD1100 to ZD1200 with a few new AP's

New Contributor II
I currently have a wireless network with a ZD1100 and (12) ZF7982 AP's.  Im looking to swap out the ZD1100 and put a ZD1200 in it's place.  In addition, I need to replace one of my ZF7982 AP's with an R710.

I understand that I need to get the ZD1100 and ZD1200 on the same firmware version which will be  Then I can migrate my config.  HOwever, what do I need to do with the R710?  It is running  im not familiar with this version.  Do I need to do anything with the R710 firmware?

Esteemed Contributor II
The 104 (Solo/Standalone) code will connect to either ZD or SZ controllers.
Upgrade/Migrate to your ZD1200 before connecting the R710, might be easiest.

OK great.    It is ok if the R710 is running a different firmware version than the controller/rest of my AP's?

yes, the R710 will get the firmware from the ZD as soon it connects to it. (followed by restarts)

Ok, thank you for the help!