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RUCKUS H510 & H500

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Hello Team

Greetings of the Day!

My name is Sachin, I am working in a hotel where i have 190 Ruckus which all are on Standalone AP in all rooms, All these AP's are connected and providing IPTV and IP Telephone. The problem i am facing is all of sudden the AP's stop pinging and doesn't respond, so we have to manually restart the AP. I also have upgrade the Firmware for both AP's but still the problem remains same, and to add i don't have a controller over here. What could be the issue and hope to give a solution to fix my issues me facing from long time.

I would appreciate if any one can give me solution to my on going issue.



Hello @SpekeIT ,

IPTV and IP Telephones use multicast traffic, if the AP interface is getting hit by the multicast and/or broadcast storm then there is a possibility of the AP interface getting stuck/hung and rebooting the AP fixes the issue temporarily.

The next time issue happens, before rebooting the AP, take an uplink packet capture (port-mirror the AP switch port and connect a laptop on the mirrored port with Wireshark installed). Check the number of multicast and broadcast packets hitting the interface when the AP goes into a stuck state.

Restrict or filter for unwanted multicast/broadcast packets on your AP uplink switch network (all the uplinks: from the Access switch to the Core switch) and then verify if the issue still continues.

If the issue is reported only by 1 or 2 same APs all the time, then swap the working and non-working APs to verify if the issue follows the AP.



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Hi @Cardonet 
Could you please confirm the controller version and the AP models which you are having issue with?
Are you facing issue with all the APs or random APs?

It would be best if you can open a support case so that we can collect all the necessary information, logs and captures so that we can debug the issue.


We are using Ruckus VSZ AP models are R320 and H510 running firmware

We are experiencing this across all AP's over multiple sites (5 sites, over 900 AP's).

We have logged a support case with Ruckus but they haven't been much help thus far. 


Hi @Cardonet 
Can you share the case number so that we can have a look on this?
You can send a private message to me with the case number.