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Heart Beat Loss

New Contributor II


I frequently get a couple of error messages ever few days saying my AP joins with uptime and last disconnect reason heartbeat loss.  I'm assuming this means that there was a temporary disconnection in the signal.  Any idea as to why if that is the reason and if that's what that means? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Brennan,

AP show heartbeat loss when AP lost connection to the network. It might be power outage or network drop from AP connectivity.

Once AP losses connection to the network it triggers error and once it is up then it shows the new uptime and last disconnection reason.


Sunil Acharya

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @BrennanS 

Unleashed Master\ZD  and connected AP expects a heartbeat (echo) requests and responses in 40 and 30 seconds respectively. If not ZD\Unleashed Master and AP would consider the heartbeat is lost.

So for Unleashed Master, after a 2 consecutive (80 seconds) heartbeat losses, Unleashed Master raises a "heartbeat lost" message.

So the issue is a communication issue between the Master and Member.
It could be a network issue like ping drop high latency, or the AP is actually rebooting for reasons like
Power outage.
DHCP renew.
Due to some configuration changes.