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R710 / R510 5Ghz speed not as fast as I hoped for

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With my previous gear (Mikrotik CAP ACs flashed with OpenWRT), I was able to get 500-550 Mbps on an ideal case on the 5 GHz band (80 MHz) on my Macbook, and 300 Mbps on my phone running iperf3 connected to a wired server on the same switch as the access point in download mode (-R).

Now with a Ruckus R710 on Unleashed, I get a little slower speed. The connection seems great and range is miles better but it seems odd I can't reach faster raw speed!

Clients specs and iperf3 results

Wired client:

  • Plugged to the same switch as the R710, on gigabit connection

MacBook #1 wifi reported connection:

  • Tx rate: 1,300 Mbps (3x3)
  • Channel: 157 (5 GHz, 80 MHz)
  • RSSI: -33 dBm
  • Noise: -90 dBm
  • MCS Index: 9
  • NSS: 3
  • Distance: 1m
  • iperf3 (download) average: 402 Mbps (was able to reach 550 on Cap AC 2x2 running OpenWRT)

MacBook #2 wifi reported connection:

  • Tx rate: 867 Mbps (2x2)
  • Channel: 157 (5 GHz, 80 MHz)
  • RSSI: -50 dBm
  • Noise: -92 dBm
  • MCS Index: 9
  • NSS: 2
  • Distance: 3m
  • iperf3 (download) average: 315 Mbps (was able to reach 550 on Cap AC 2x2 running OpenWRT)

Samsung Phone:

  • Tx/Rx rate: 433 Mbps
  • Channel: 157 (5 GHz, 80 MHz)
  • Distance: 2m
  • iperf3 (download) average: 256 Mbps (was able to reach 300 on Cap AC 2x2)

AP specs

  • Ruckus R710 running Unleashed
  • Country Code: CA
  • 5GHz Channel: 157 (80 MHz)
  • Forced 802.3at mode (Using a genuine Ruckus PoE injector)
  • Enabled 802.11r/802.11k
  • Background scanning: 300 seconds
  • Smart Roam: Enabled and set to 1
  • 5GHz Reported Noise Floor: -108
  • 5GHz Reported % Retries/% Drops: 0.000127/0.00
  • 5GHz connected devices: 3
  • 5GHz Reported TX Power: Full
  • Everything else default

House spec

  • Rural area, no other 5 GHz access points detected
  • Wood walls
  • Access point is on the floor facing up to simulate its final placement on the ceiling (mirroring the actual position, but on the floor)
  • Computers and phones are elevated 1-2 meters from the floor in the same room, distance are given above for each client

Experiments / Overall impressions

The speed is consistent and great. I tried various other channels and country codes, sometimes the speed was lower, but never higher. I tried lowering the power too. I tried to swap the R710 with a R510 and I kind of got the same speeds.


The phone roams great when going from the 5 GHz to the 2 GHz band, the iperf3 connection doesn't skip a beat, but when roaming back to the 5 GHz channel, the iperf3 test has 2-3 seconds of 0 mbps before going back full speed. At least the connection doesn't drop, but I find it odd. My old access point (Mikrotik running OpenWRT)  wasn't doing that with the same phone.


As I said, my Mikrotik 2x2 access point was giving me higher raw speed and I read in numerous places that I should be able to get around 550 mbps running iperf3 with a 5 GHz (80 MHz) wifi5 access point in ideal scenarios...

Thanks for the help/pointers!


New Contributor

Turns out I tried to have a R710 as master, a R510 as slave, then connect each MacBook to each, then do an iperf3 between the MacBooks.

I get 600 Mbps in one direction and 500 in the other so I guess everything is right.

What's weird is the APs are connected to the same switch. I guess the problem was the wired computer...

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