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R700 from ZD Controlled to ZoneFlex Solo Access Point?

Since the R700 are no longer supported on my ZD1200 I might be able to put them in locations independently. If I install the final version of ZoneFlex Solo Access Point can they work by themselves? Is it like unleashed mode? Alternatively can I go back to Standalone mode which is all the way back to 9.8?

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Unfortunately, the R700 does not support Unleashed.  You can convert to standalone but you may not be happy with the functionality.  The easiest way to go standalone is factory reset the AP and log in super sp-admin.  You can stick with the code that's on the AP now, or you can re-image with base 110 or lower code.  The functionality is the same (and primitive) in either case.  To keep the R700 from re-joining the ZD, you need to put it on an isolated network, or upgrade the ZD to 10.4 or higher.   A better solution is keep the AP on the ZD running 10.3.1 or lower until you're forced to upgrade in order to support a new AP model.  Hope this helps.  

I am just exploring my options with my R700 units. They are still very capable 802.11ac AP that have for some reason been discontinued in support. It is hard to make them worthless. I know they are 6 years old but the majority of my devices are ac only the ones this summer have ax so a few years before critical mass that would prompt an upgrade.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Brian,

I think I have responded to you on another thread, where you wanted to downgrade the ZD to make R700 work with ZD.

Are you looking for options to use other APs on ZD with 10.4 and R700 as standalone? If yes, then please follow what David suggested.

If you want to know why R700 does not supports Unleashed, please refer below thread.

If you are looking for standalone image for R700, you should go with 110.0, refer the download link below.

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