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Increase Wireless Coverage with Extender

New Contributor
I have a ZoneDirector 1100.  I have 2 Access Points and I need to increase the coverage.   I am unable to install additional wiring to install a traditional Access Point so I am looking to use an Extender (netgear).

I am able to get the Netgear to join the wireless network (I think) but when I use my device to attach to the Netgear It doesn't connect fully.

I suspect the Zonedirector is either blocking the NetGear or it is blocking clients associated with the Netgear.

Any suggestions?

Contributor III
if you have a third Ruckus AP I would abandon the Netgear and run a MESH setup. As for blocking, I would suggest a hard look at either the AP or client logs with particular attention paid NRB Arp tables if you can get them. Part of the issue with the NetGear is it's a consumer device, not a real professional piece, so you're only ever going to get the Zone Director's side of the story (i.e logs).

Also, have you done a survey? Even an informal one like walking around using IPerf Can help you determine your degradation, and perhaps even show you Why. Some times our Wi-Fi issues come from APs having too much power and essentially shouting DOWN the AP clients. Maybe try powering your APs to half, and re-testing.
Best of luck!

What AP would you recommend?  It is difficult to obtain Ruckus information sometimes.  Also, I cannot use a network cable...has to be a wireless extension of some sort.  Will that be an issue?

Accessing the controller is posing to be a challenge.  I may end up taking it all out and putting in a different brand so I can access/manage/extend it.

Inside the house the wireless is working fairly good.  But I need to get the wifi outside of the house and due to the high-quality of the construction the signal doesn't go outside.   I am asked to get it to go 50' and that is about it.  There are no other houses/streets near so somewhat safe.

thank you for your help