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R610 randomly crashing

New Contributor

As of last week, my home R610 has been randomly crashing once every day or so. All wifi networks go offline and no response on the management IP.

I just updated the firmware a couple days ago to the most recent, but it just crashed again this morning.

No recent changes to the network or the AP except for that firmware update after the issue started happening.



Hi @ragvnaldr 

Can you share the support log of the Access point to have a look at the reason (you can dm me the logs)?

Support log can be downloaded from Maintenance --> Support Info
Syslog can be downloaded from Administrator --> Log

Best Regards


Sure, thanks.
I don't have either of those menu options, but I found the syslogs. And I see a debug option for Access Point, but not sure if that's helpful since debugs weren't enabled at the time. I enabled them now and will try and get it next time this happens. Also not sure if the syslogs actually include the event or not, I think they rolled over when I rebooted it after the wifi networks dropped. But again will try and get those before rebooting next time it happens if I can.

Hi @ragvnaldr 

Are you using Unleashed version? If yes the support log can be downloaded under 
Access Points >> Select the AP >> Click on Show AP Info >>> Click on Save logs

Ahh, thanks @sanjay_kumar !

Okay, uploaded the support log as well to the link I sent @Vineet_nejwala 

I see at the end, the lines:

Thu Mar 9 02:27:16 PST 2023 : problem detected
Thu Mar 9 03:41:41 PST 2023 : problem detected
Thu Mar 9 08:34:22 PST 2023 : power cycle detected

In this case, the network dropped around 8:32-8:33 and I went straight to unplugging it and plugging it back in, since I was in the middle of a work meeting, so I assume I just didn't give it enough time to auto-recover like it seems to have done at 2 and 3am.