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New Contributor

My R510 access points have been down for hours and are not displaying any lights, need assistance for a resolution.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @RobertCostigan 
How many APs are having this issue? Was there any changes done which triggered the issue?
Try below steps and check if that help:
1. If there is any working AP, try connecting the working ethernet cable to the non working AP.
2. Ensure that the Switch is providing enough power to the AP.
3. Ensure that the switch power budget is enough to power the all the APs connected to the Switch.
4. Try connecting a Power Injector to the AP and see if it powers up.

I have 2 APs with the same issue. Neither of them are illuminated. My Ruckus switch is powered on.

Hi RobertCostigan

Have you tried with powering up with external injector as well ?

If the AP are not illuminated even connecting to working switch port or external injector then we could consider the device is faulty and will proceed with replacement.

I also request to try with factory default by using the push button and check if it makes any difference.

Steps to perform a hard reset:
- On the rear side of the AP you can see the "HARD RESET" hole which is located near the Ethernet ports.
- Insert a paper clip or any point object into the “HARD RESET” hole and press & hold it for 15-20 seconds.
- This factory defaults the AP.
- Now the AP can be accessed using it's default ip address by directly connecting to a PC in the same subnet.

We would request to create a case with us to proceed replacement of the AP if the AP is covered under warranty.

Please go through below link for the process to create a case with us.


Sunil Acharya


i understand that you are suggesting a replacement, but how could both of my access points need to be replaced at the same time. There are other people that have had the same identical issue, and they were provided trouble shooting steps to rectify this issue. what can be done to fix this vice waiting even longer without the use of my access points in my house.