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R510 Unleashed Clients no getting IPs from DHCP

New Contributor II
There is an r710 connected to the same switch and doesn't have the same problem.
When I assign a static IP to the client there is still no network access.
The only thing that works is enabling 'randomized MAC' on the client, that way it gets an IP from DHCP no problem.
Also this is on my default WLAN / VLAN, i have another WLAN on a different tagged VLAN and that one doesn't have the same issue on the same AP.

What could be the problem?

New Contributor
I'm having the same issue as described above with r510 Unleashed APs and Netgear GS110TP. The client device connects to the AP and shows in the dashboard but can't get a DHCP IP address. If I set a static IP, It still can't ping the server or router but can ping the AP.

New Contributor
I have the same issue. I deployed R320 unleashed standalone without the internet. I set up the ruckus to be the DHCP server. An IoT Hub (Rak Wireless) connects to my AP. The other 2 hubs received an IP address. however, the other two didn't. I can see that Hubs are connected from the client list but no IP address.

Hi John,

If some devices are getting IPs and some are not, please use the Unleashed inbuilt utility called Client Troubleshooting.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c482135b77e247ac6250_7dfbf99b9915951f1b650e9877aa7e43_RackMultipart202008317308l3zd9-81f04dad-5fa3-4f57-97a0-236b7433ff38-420068993.png1598888385

This will help you to find at what point it is failing.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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New Contributor II
I have the same issue with R510 Unleashed
  • multiple WLANs are configured with own VLAN tags
  • the WLAN with VLAN 10 doesn't pass DHCP requests from the client over AP to the external DHCP server
  • other WLANs with different VLAN tags work fine
  • if on that faulty WLAN, I change VLAN from 10 to e.g. 222, this WLAN works immediately
Tested on 2 clients: android 10, windows 10

Ok, found the issue. The problem was in the mikrotik switch port settings