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R510 AP Drops Every 5 Minutes

New Contributor II

All of a sudden after a couple of years of perfect service, my R510 AP stops out about every 5 minutes. How do I fix it? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gmichal 
Are the APs rebooting every 5 minutes? Or are the clients getting dropped?
Is this Unleashed setup?
Is the Master also rebooting?
Can you try to get any AP support file which is rebooting?

New Contributor II

Yes, it is rebooting every 5 minutes. It is an unleashed setup. I only have one R510 and it is rebooting. Not sure about this "AP support file which is rebooting". Can you explain? 

Hi @gmichal 
The AP support log can be downloaded from the GUI, but if the AP is rebooting every 5 minutes then I doubt you will get GUI access to take the log.

Can you ensure that it is not a power issue which is causing this?
Try with a different power source\cable\port to ensure.
You can also try doing a FD since it is just 1 AP.

It is not a power issue as I have whole home battery backup. What is an FD? If it is some procedure, can you send me the steps involved?