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R510 5ghz abysmal

New Contributor II
Perhaps some kind soul can clarify something for me. I have two R510s covering roughly 3000 sqft. 2.4ghz coverage seems reasonable. I was under the impression that the Unleashed mesh would handle roaming and essentially be an Eero/Velop equivalent. However, it seems it is really just unified management and smart shifting of the controller role should an AP fail. Is this correct? Assuming yes, it seems I need to get armpit deep in site surveys and radio tuning like the old days to get this to work well which is a shame as I was hoping for plug and go. Any thoughts or relevant docs on the subject?

This sounds very familiar. I am on I will try to downgrade and see where it gets me.

Regarding Syamantak's mentions - this sticks out:

"If both APs are installed within proper distance where mesh AP can reach root AP, then roaming between them will also seamless."

The mesh is alive and well (or so the image leads me to believe)... but roaming is far from seamless. Though, I notice it has nothing for the signal column which leads me to believe it is backhauling via the wired LAN. Is there a way to switch the mesh to use wireless only to see what I get?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c499135b77e247b05477_847ac7a0acbe7daab0404a09bf19ff71_RackMultipart2019113010559019f-a5bd5818-0d14-41f2-88a2-36443104d695-1126682747.png1575150915

I don’t understand why you would want mesh turned on since you have them wired.  Anyway if you want fast hand offs you need to turn on 802.11r and your clients need to support it.

if you want to see if one ap communicates with the other via wireless. Then disconnect that ap from the Ethernet network. Either power it by Poe injector or ac power supply.

Why would I enable 802.11r when i am not using any sort of WPA Enterprise/RADIUS setup?

Also, why would I not enable mesh (serious question)? I would imagine the overall understanding of the wifi topology would be a benefit wired or wireless?

Valued Contributor II
Mesh for Ruckus strictly refers to wireless radio backhauling in absence of a wired backhaul. It doesn't have to do with topology awareness per se. The overall understanding of topology is covered by enabling "802.11k neighbor reports" and background scanning.

It was true in older times that 802.11r was tied hand-in-hand with enabling roaming capabilities beyond dual-band-single-base-station on certain mobile devices, but that is no longer true. That is now completely automatic, influenced by the presence of 802.11k neighbor lists as well as when the device detects multiple BSSIDs for a SSID on the same band.

Generally, roaming behavior and band selection is a client side choice. There are a handful of things an AP can do to influence it (such as ignoring probe requests or sending 802.11v advisories to roam) but there's going to be limited success in solving client-side roaming misbehavior using AP-side tools like that. They usually come in most handy when you've got a ton of overlapping coverage (for example a large conference room with 5 APs and you're trying to balance 500 people onto those APs which to the client all look equally as good from a signal strength perspective)

This is immensely helpful. Thank you!