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PHY Errors, Noise Floor, Airtime interpretation in ZD

I would like to find out what values for PHY Errors, Noice Floor, Airtime total, busy, RX, TX are good and what values are bad?

If I'm correctly informed, this is what I know:
PHI Errors of < 20000 is acceptable,
Noise Floor above -85 is bad, below -110 is excellent.
Total Airtime 100% would be great since that means the capacity is fully used, total airtime of < 20 could mean there is a lot of interference, or hardly any users.

Is this correct?
What can I learn from the other Airtime values (busy, rx, tx)? Are the values different for 2.4 and 5 GHz? (i.e 2.4GHz NF should be below -90, 5GHz NF should be below -85?)

I'm basically looking for an answer on this question: what values of which fields of the monitoring page in the ZD indicate that an AP is doing great or needs attention?

First, thanks for the reply.
Second, yes , I do have a performance issue .
I understand the following, If my TX power is Full and the noise is -118 , is that a good statistics ? 'casue i thought the noise should be between -85 <-> -110 .
I do have a lot of packet lost .

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No, I think you might be misinterpreting the original post. The noise floor, loosely speaking, represents the minimum signal strength that the AP could "hear" over ambient noise. So the lower this number (or rather, the bigger the negative number), the better. So a noise floor of -120 is better than -118, for example. Anything better than -100 is really really good.

I see in your case most of your clients are connected to 2.4GHz, but you've only transferred 300MB of data or so in total. It might be more useful to look at these stats with some more data transferred (e.g. more uptime or speed tests between reboots). It might also be helpful to open a support ticket, where you can attach support info taken from the ZoneDirector or from the AP. Those contain more detailed breakdown of performance metrics which may be more useful. From the glance that you showed, everything seems healthy to me.

Somehow before I made some changes to the Ruckus controller, the PHY Errors value from all AP were a lot lower while the users experienced bad connection.  After the change, the PHY Errors value jumped to xxxx which is way higher, but the users got better connection and better network access.   I wonder why ?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c469135b77e247a6ea47_d401ce8556e92b5e168b07cba9b87310_RackMultipart20180824115720qt7-c697298d-b2f6-4dcd-89e7-0950d4e2353b-697623022.jpg1535135073Image_ images_messages_5f91c469135b77e247a6ea47_b05e77409f4d606ec30fdfe55edf6b6b_RackMultipart20180824100075rf8-0b3f7b05-a9a5-47fe-91f1-1aae9c7b3eac-780691941.jpg1535135081

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@RICK BUTHSOMBAT: Do you still remember what changes you made in the controller?