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h500 booted wrong date time

New Contributor
I have a Ruckus H500 in a business environment. Management VLAN 5. Standalone.
This Ruckus was taken from another part of the site which was merged and redeveloped a couple months ago, we took the ruckus offline and stored it in the office to relocate as needed.

Well, today was the day - I connected it to the network using the exact same settings as previously used, connected to a port that has been correctly tagged exactly as the other switch - however it has booted with the previous shutdown date (24/2/19).

The network will not allow the ruckus to communicate due to the gap in date, thus we cannot update the time by syncing the ntp server. We can access the Ruckus by using the static ip assigned

Is there a way we can update the date by ssh to bring it inline with todays date?