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P300 and Replacement

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Our company had standardized on the P300 for P2P communications between buildings.

But P300 is eol.

We are very happy with the P300.we want to buy backup P300. But  there is no P300 product anymore.

What is a replacement device for P300 for P2P communication ?

in the P300 , there is never a time out in the communication between two buildings. 

it should definitely be like P300 or higher in terms of features and quality. !!!

Thank you very much







@seckin_onder If you are looking for device with similar performance/feature as p300 unfortunately it won't be available. P300 was an p2p/p2m bridge device whereas the alternate we suggest are an WiFi APs which when used with smartmesh technology can act as bridge unit. 

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At the present moment as well as roadmap, there are no plans to build any Outdoor PtP/PtMP bridges. 

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If I buy the P300 for the spare antenna and update the firmware, will I have a security problem because it is an old product?

@seckin_onder The official date for P300 to be sold was April 30, 2022 and since then its End of Sale. Software support (active bug fixes) for the P300 Access Point was to be continued for 1 year following the End of Sale date- that is until November 1, 2022 since the EOL was from November 1, 2021,which means no software update would be available now. So it means below two point :

1) You can't buy p300 from any official ruckus team or partner.

2) The software bug fix for any existing p300 unit will not be supported.

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So the P300 can be replaced by a T310s and it can be set up for backhaul?




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