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New router installed

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We have at least 20 ruckus devices at my organization. A new router was just installed at one of our very small branches. The company SSID is not there any longer, of course.  I need to have it configured just like the other branch offices.  They login to a domain.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Tom,

What is the WLAN settings (WLAN type, encryption type, authentication, WLAN is tunneled or not, etc)?.

If it is a WPA2-Enterprice (802.1X) SSID, you should review if APs are acting as authenticator or you are using controller in radius proxy mode.

Also confirm what controller you are using, what is the firmware and AP firmware version.

Syamantak Omer
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Ok so is this a new site or existing and are you manually setting the IP of the controller on your AP's via the CLI, or are you using DHCP to hand out the ZD information to the AP?

We need more information to be able to help you out here.

no. it is not a new site. What happened was it had a Verizon router, but Comcast service (don't know how that happened) but anyway, they put their own in. They were able to login to the company wifi even though they were not at the main location. Do you know what I am talking about? There is a ruckus controller. I am going onsite on Wednesday. I will get you whatever information you would need. I do thank you for your response.

When I say I am going on-site, I mean the main location where the controller is.

So if it is remote site then a couple of ways the AP's were connected.  More than likely you had put in the controllers IP address into the AP's through the CLI as that would get them registered with the controller and that should still be in the AP's.  What we normally do is create a site for each location so that we can do different things at different sites if need by like different vlans with the same SSID or different passwords etc. 

So if this is a fully routed solution then you have MPLS or some flavor of a private network or VPN tunnels between sites, is that correct?  You should be able to ping the controller from the remote site, if not then we need to figure out how the AP's were connecting to the controller.  If so then are the AP's registering with the controller? If they are then you should be able to manage those AP's from the controller.   If you need some diagnostics help you can call support and they will help you.