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My R310 doesn't have 5g signal, but the signal light is normal

New Contributor

My R310 doesn't have 5g signal, but the signal light is normal

I've tried all the available firmware, but the problem still exists

Can you help me find out why there is no 5g signal from my AP log? Thank you


New Contributor III

Hi @li_n y the devices you are connect to your R310 Support 5G if is please login on AP and check events

New Contributor

If only 2.4G signal is set, the mobile phone can't search for any WiFi signal

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Li,

Is this AP managed by a controller or you are using it in standalone mode?

Please confirm the firmware version.

If it is running on stand alone mode, make sure you have configured both the radios as 2.4G and 5G radio setting are different in standalone mode.

If you think configuration is correct and still 5G radio is not working, SSH into the AP and run below command.

get wlanlist

This will help us to know if WLAN is created and is showing up for 5G radio or not.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

rkscli: crashdump show
Crash dump Status:      available

Crash dump file: