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Maximum throughput R650 / R550

New Contributor III

For a customer with a 10G fiber internet connection, we are trying to maximise the throughput on his R650. We are getting up to 1.4 Gbit/s when directly connecting to the router of the provider and around 2 Gbit/s if we connect a PC to the 2.5G Ethernet port where the AP hangs. 

When connecting the R650 the upload is fine (arount 1.3 Gbit/s) but the upload is below 400Mbit/s. What we have tried to improve so far (without success):

- set channel width to 160MHz
- disabled background scanning
- Switched 2.4G off
- set the wifi to ofdm-only

- set the bss minrate to 12

- manual channel selection (tried various channels that are completely free from other Radios)

Any idea is appreciated.



RUCKUS Team Member


"When connecting the R650 the upload is fine (arount 1.3 Gbit/s) but the upload is below 400Mbit/s."

Could you confirm if the download is 1.3 Gbps and upload is 400 Mbps respectively? 

Also, is this AP managed by a ZoneDirector, Smartzone, Unleashed, or Ruckus Cloud?

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We are using a symmetric 10/10 Gbit/s internet connection. The UPload is fine and the DOWNload not so much. I know usually it's the other way round. We are using unleashed.


RUCKUS Team Member

Try a packet capture from the 5 GHz radio of the AP, when doing a speed test. Please make sure to stop the capture pretty soon as the file size can go large in a short period of time, when running an internet speed test.

Login to Unleashed AP > Admin & Services > Administration > Diagnostics > Packet capture > choose 5 GHz radio button > check your AP > click "Add to capture APs" > Use local mode and filter with user device mac address > Start the capture > run speed test on device > stop with after 3 seconds of "download speed" testing.

Open this file using Wireshark. Check these captures for data packets sent from AP to your user device.  Click on one such packet > Expand "802.11 radio information" > check for data rate negotiated between AP and user device.

Should look something like this:



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What speeds do you get when running iperf to a device on network?