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Maximum throughput R650 / R550

New Contributor III

For a customer with a 10G fiber internet connection, we are trying to maximise the throughput on his R650. We are getting up to 1.4 Gbit/s when directly connecting to the router of the provider and around 2 Gbit/s if we connect a PC to the 2.5G Ethernet port where the AP hangs. 

When connecting the R650 the upload is fine (arount 1.3 Gbit/s) but the upload is below 400Mbit/s. What we have tried to improve so far (without success):

- set channel width to 160MHz
- disabled background scanning
- Switched 2.4G off
- set the wifi to ofdm-only

- set the bss minrate to 12

- manual channel selection (tried various channels that are completely free from other Radios)

Any idea is appreciated.



Internal Employee


"When connecting the R650 the upload is fine (arount 1.3 Gbit/s) but the upload is below 400Mbit/s."

Could you confirm if the download is 1.3 Gbps and upload is 400 Mbps respectively? 

Also, is this AP managed by a ZoneDirector, Smartzone, Unleashed, or Ruckus Cloud?

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We are using a symmetric 10/10 Gbit/s internet connection. The UPload is fine and the DOWNload not so much. I know usually it's the other way round. We are using unleashed.


Internal Employee

Try a packet capture from the 5 GHz radio of the AP, when doing a speed test. Please make sure to stop the capture pretty soon as the file size can go large in a short period of time, when running an internet speed test.

Login to Unleashed AP > Admin & Services > Administration > Diagnostics > Packet capture > choose 5 GHz radio button > check your AP > click "Add to capture APs" > Use local mode and filter with user device mac address > Start the capture > run speed test on device > stop with after 3 seconds of "download speed" testing.

Open this file using Wireshark. Check these captures for data packets sent from AP to your user device.  Click on one such packet > Expand "802.11 radio information" > check for data rate negotiated between AP and user device.

Should look something like this:



Contributor II

What speeds do you get when running iperf to a device on network?