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Looking to add a new/better AP into an existing network for better range

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We have a network of about 25 Ruckus ZF7962 APs, and the controller we are using is a ZD3050 Version build 58. There is one location where the wifi drops out completely in this one area of the building. I realize the 7962 APs are EOL and on the older side, so I was wondering if there is a newer AP with expanded range that will perform better, that I can add to the existing network/controller to correct the dead spot. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. 

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ZF7982 REPRESENT. Also, you might be able to run R600's, which are also a very nice AP.
Long Live Dual Band Radios!
R600 -[R60...

Hi Matt,

Below are the best options.

• ZoneFlex R500 Dual Band 802.11ac Access Point build
• ZoneFlex R600 Dual Band 802.11ac Access Point build
• ZoneFlex R700 Dual Band 802.11ac Access Point build

Syamantak Omer

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Hi Matt,

I want to clarify that whilst the suggestions above for newer AP options that are compatible with your legacy firmware are great, you should not expect any significant improvement in signal coverage with a newer model of AP.  The ZF7962 had powerful TX (upto 26dB), which is significantly higher than similar current APs, such as the R610 (upto 22dB).

Signal (RSSI) is largely dictated by local regulatory limitations, material attenuation and client device limitations. In indoor scenarios, most 3-stream (and above) APs can exceed regulatory limits at 2.4GHz.

I would recommend adding in additional AP(s) in the areas where you require additional coverage.