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MESH R710 & R550

New Contributor II

I have installed an R750 with unleashed inside my home.  In the center of the house.  I originally put the AP in mesh mode, as I was intending to get a unit for the garage and setup mesh mode to help my cameras and garage opener as they show poor connection (albeit working)

I noticed immediately, using wireless survey software that the signal strength was not as good as my TP-Link AX 6000 (

I purchased the R750 on the advise of a friend that said it was for high density areas.  I have about a 2800 sq house, ranch style with a detached garage about 15-20 ft from my back door. Again, the R750 is in the center of the house, almost dead center.  My daughter complained of dropped signal in the finished basement, so put the TP-link in the basement and it was still showing stronger signal.

I turned the power settings all to full and disabled auto adjust on the R750.  But still the signal was showing less than the TP Link in the basement.  So  I flattened the R750 to remove mesh mode (since I didn't have any thing to connect to it yet.)  The signal greatly improved and was showing better than the TP link in the basement.  So I lowered the signal power of the TP link to medium and changed the 5ghz signal to use a different channel as to not interfere.

A few things hop around a bit, but for the most part the 40 devices connect to the R750, mostly IoT devices a few might connect to the basement if they are directly over the AP from the floor.

Ultimately I would like to get rid of the TP-link, or move it all the way across the basement and turn it to low and just let my daughters room connect to it, but that leaves a couple things on the R750 to poor.

Does anyone have a similar setup that has had similar issues?  I would like to stay with the AX wireless 6 across the house.  I still need a mesh AP in the garage, but I thought I read that the R510/R550 wouldn't only mesh with the same radios? So will the R510/R550 mesh with a R750 across the 5.ghz and 2.4ghz?  I'm worried putting the R750 back in mesh mode will hurt the signal like I originally saw when I installed it.  Should I just put R750 in the basement and R750 in the garage?  Just looking for some guidance here.

I may have to really dive into this survey software and plot and walk through and see where the coverage gets weak and what interference I'm getting, it will just take a little bit to learn the software and get it all tweaked. 

Thanks so much for any suggestions.


New Contributor III
We've done mesh with 750s, and haven't mixed models. I am told that one of the radios on the AP is used when you enable mesh. I would personally give it a try with two 750s. Yes, you may lose a little bit of performance but if you can't get a wire to the second AP, it may be your only choice.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the suggestion, I thought that was probably the right answer.