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What is the difference between models: 1). 9U1-R510-US00 2) 901-R510-US00 3) 976-R510-US00? is this just software that is loaded?

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What is the difference between the following access point models: 1). 9U1-R510-US00 2) 901-R510-US00 3) 976-R510-US00? is this just the initial software that is loaded or are there any hardware differences?

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Hi Eugene,

That's just entitlement name. 

1) 9U1-R510-US00: This is for unleashed APs.
2) 901-R510-US00: For regular standalone APs.
3) 976-R510-US00: For APs with support contract.


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one of my R500 access points (it got dropped so not a warranty issue) went out but I know someone who has an extra 976-R510-US00.  Can I addd to my current Unleashed configuration by applying the right software version on it?

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I purchased 4 used R500 Access Points about a year ago, all of which were stand alone versions, and I flashed them all to Unleashed and they all work great.  I'm even using the Mesh feature on two of them.  You are however limited to the version of firmware that you can install because beyond a certain version, R500 AP's are no longer supported in the latest versions of Unleashed.  Check the Firmware Notes for the version you need.  I'm currently running and they just released which I have not pushed out yet.  I'm using them at my home and they work perfectly!

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Dan, very helpful.