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Isolate Guest WiFi in separate VLAN without ZD

New Contributor

Hello Everyone!

We have a mesh network of Ruckus R510 and R610. We have a work SSID and a second Guest SSID that we want to isolate in a dedicated VLAN.

I read the following documentation but since we don't have Zone Director we tried the following:

What we tried was:
1. We configured each switch PoE port to which each Ruckus is connected to have default VLAN ID 1 in access, for our office work network and VLAN ID 192 tagged.
2. In the Guest WiFi, in the WLAN Priority tab, we set "Access VLAN" to 192 assuming that clients connected to SonarGuest WiFi will be able to connect on VLAN 192.
Unfortunately, with this setup Guest WiFi clients were not able to connect to the DHCP server running in VLAN 192.

Considering that our Ruckus APs are connected to an L3 PoE switch, can you please help what will be the correct Ruckus AP and/or switch port configuration to have the Guest WiFi clients connected to a dedicated VLAN? Do I absolutely need to have Zone Director to achieve the split configuration?

Thank you in advance for your help!



Hi @MSP 

Once you create an Guest WLAN a default ACL profile is created, below FYR. Additionally assuming that both VLAN on your setup has inter-Vlan routing done (which means the Vlan 1 can access Vlan 2) you can add the subnet range for Vlan1 on ACL and block.

Best Regards