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Is it possible to see the current power setting of a radio in mW or dBm? rather than just what is seen in GUI?

Contributor III
I want to see what the actual power applied to a radio is rather than just what is seen in GUI. Is this possible?

Just apply the same logic based on EIRP (I am using UK Regulatory Values) with 0 = MAX

5GHz = 23dBm
5.4GHz = 30dBm

5GHz Example
Gain = 8dBi
Power = 15dBm

5.4GHz Example
Gain = 8dBi
Power = 22dBm

Note: You also you have to check the max TX power capabilities of the AP as when using 5.8GHz in the UK for MESH traffic and certain AP's only support max of 23dBm you are under EIRP in terms of link budget.

Hi Sean, where do you get 8dBi gain from? Datasheets I am looking at state physical 3dBi gain at 2.4 & 5GHz

What AP model?

R500, R700 & R710