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Is it possible to see the current power setting of a radio in mW or dBm? rather than just what is seen in GUI?

Contributor III
I want to see what the actual power applied to a radio is rather than just what is seen in GUI. Is this possible?

Contributor III
Unfortunately not.

The only cli command in the AP regarding TX power  is:
get txpower wifi0
It returns:
rkscli: get txpower wifi0
wifi0 transmit power set to max
Note: Ruckus uses attenuation as opposed to the setting of power value in mW or dBm:
rkscli: set tx
Commands starting with 'set tx' :
set txpower : set txpower
-- Set transmit power

Contributor III
Thanks Sean, I was hoping to see what power the AP applies when I change this setting. 

If 0 = Max & Max is based on EIRP (lets say 20dBm based on UK EIRP Regs when using 2.4GHz)

If you have a 3 dBi antenna then a setting of 0 will configure the tx power value to 17dBm.

Half Power will be 3dBm down; Quarter Power will be 6dBm down etc etc

Hi Sean, this is exactly what I was thinking. Just wanted to see it with my own eyes rather than just assuming. Thanks again for the response.

I guess it gets slightly more confusing when using 5GHz and DFS channels because the AP max TX power comes into play rather than the reg max.