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How to change management IP / disable DHCP

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Hello Ruckus community!
I have a problem, I need to change the management IP of my Ruckus AP-R320 but I can't directly access its assigned IP locally, I can only configure some parameters via CLOUD, but on this Cloud platform, I can't find the option to change the IP or the AP settings.

1) at first if I entered by its factory ip locally, at that time I changed its IP to a static one to access it over the network.
2) I updated the firmware to the latest version available, and it was still managing it by the new local IP.
3) Then, I gave it an internet connection and registered the equipment and its license for cloud management.
4) A few minutes later, I could no longer access the AP locally, the page to enter the credentials loads but does not access when i send the credentials to login.
5) In the ruckus cloud platform, I access and the device is administratively active, but it does not allow me or I cannot find the option to change the previously assigned local IP.

It is not a problem with my browser, I tried with 3 different browsers and it does not access, it stays stuck on the credentials request page, it allows me to write them and hit the send button, but the page refreshes and nothing loads.



Once you do FD to the AP, in default state you can access and change IP as required but once it is managed by cloud controller you will need to open a support case and only a cloud engineer can help you to change it.

Best Regards


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