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Guest Portal not working on 5.2

New Contributor II
After upgrading our Virtual SmartZone and all AP Zones to 5.2, we ran into an issue with the Captive Portal on our Guest SSID's no longer working on R730's and R610's.  I don't know if any other model had the same issue, but after downgrading the AP firmware back to 5.1.2, Captive Portal was working again.  We had tried factory resetting the AP's, moving them to a different controller on same firmware, deleting and re-creating the SSID's, etc.

Support is working to replicate the issue, but wanted to make sure people knew what we ran into in case you see it as well.

You're welcome Jeronimo. 


Hi Vineet,

I checked the release notes for 5.2.1 and there's an entry ER-8159 mentioning the guest access problem and the set lighttpd command, but it's in the Known Issues section, not in the Resolved Issues.

Does upgrading to 5.2.1 fix the problem on its own or both upgrading and using that command on each AP are needed?

Thank you,


Hi Giacomo,

Actually that is correct, you would have to wait for a week or two and there will be a patch available for 5.2.1 to fix this issue. So for now an AP script disabling the lighttpd on AP's is the only workaround available. 

Best Regards

New Contributor III
This seems to be a version inconsistency in version 5.2.
1. Change the WLAN service to "Standard Usage";
2. Wait for the APs to change the status from "new-config" to "up-to-date";
3. Return the WLAN service to "Guest Access";
4. Wait for the APs to change the status from "new-config" to "up-to-date";
5. Test the Guest Portal.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Everyone,

Since I am unable to edit my earlier comment let me rephrase. There is a known issue on 5.2.0 code related to redirection issue on Guest/WisPr portal and only available workaround is to disable lighttpd on the AP's by command "set lighttpd disable". This could be used in an AP script and pushed from controller to all connected AP's.

The command is to disable Lighttpd i.e a light weight HTTP Server that will be providing all front end Web services in the AP. It was observed that in 5.2.0 lighttpd process was starting and stopping (crashing) as observed in the logs.

NOTE : This issue still persist on 5.2.1 code though soon an AP patch (to resolve this issue) would be available for 5.2.1.

Best Regards