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What should my poe switch ourput be for a Ruckus R319

New Contributor III

I have a neatgear poe+ switch and a Ruckus R310.  All is working fine and I wanted to check what the power should be for this unit to ensure its getting full power and best performance.

Currently the switch is showing
3.5 Watts
66 mA
53.1 Volts.

I'd read somewhere that sometimes leaving it to the switch doesn't always get the best results.


New Contributor III
It depends on what the AP is doing at the time. Power consumption will not be constant

The datasheet for the R310 states that will use 6W when idle and 11W peak. Within the constrainsts of POE 802.3af 15 Watts

The switches management of power in most case should be fine. It helps if you have LLDP running on the switch. Otherwise you should have no problems, unless you have cabling issues.

Contributor II
R310 uses 802.3af only so what you were referring to the poe auto neg issue shouldn't apply here.  For higher end APs, eg: R850 supports PoH, 802.3at and 802.3af, if connected to Ruckus ICX switches, LLDP would auto neg the best power option, ie: PoH at 31.0W to support 4x4 at 2.4GHz and 8x8 at 5GHz.  Some switch vendors may have different LLDP implementation which you may want to consider set static power draw on the switch to maximum otherwise if it may negotiate to 802.3at mode 0, you would only get 4x4 at 5GHz, or worse down to 802.3af then AP is up but none of the radio will be enabled.