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Getting R710s to use POE+ (802.3at) mode on Netgear GS752TP switch

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I have 4 R710s connected to a Netgear GS752TP PoE switch which I cannot get to use PoE+ (802.3at) mode.

Looking at some of the previous posts and information, I SSHed into each R710 and found LLDP initially disabled, so I enabled via CLI. Now get lldp for all APs reads:

LLDP state: Enabled
LLDP interval: 30
LLDP holdtime: 120
LLDP mgmt: Enabled
LLDP bond type: Source MAC for LLDP frames on bond slaves: fixed
LLDP poe: Enabled
LLDP power: 25000
LLDP interface:
LLDP on eth0 : Enabled
LLDP on eth1 : Enabled

On the GS752TP switch, all access points are connected to the first 8 ports (which are POE+ 802.3at capable). 

On the LLDP settings for the switch, I've enabled transmit optional TLVs for ports 1-8, which should include Power via MDI.

Unfortunately all APs still remain in 802.3af PoE Power Consumption Mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?


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screenshot of LLDP

Image_ images_messages_5f91c425135b77e247988a7d_657f411c2304e9917c97a9a8ffefe259_RackMultipart20160418113690yr4-52e29a03-2e75-4044-a036-3b4509bb2e3e-970884604.jpg1460976347

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also LLDP port settings

Image_ images_messages_5f91c426135b77e247988c6e_2983b27b5a037c663d36845bf4f9b725_RackMultipart2016041812453112n-5ecad911-4a3e-4a9a-817a-0e3d2020074b-309547261.jpg1460976433

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ok, and which ports on the screenshot do you have R710 connected to? 

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Sorry. To be clear I have R500s attached to 3, 7, 10 - which covers both power options on the switch.

The R500 is a lower power device than R710 so only needs "af". 

This was to give you a view of what is available on switch and to that R500 works off off boths kinds of POE port on default settings. If I had an R710 I'd put it on and see what happened!

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Release notes for firmware

Resolved Issues 1. Resolved an R710 PoE issue that occurred when the AP was connected to a switch that only supported 802.3af PoE mode. [ER-3225, SCG-47346]

This might be fixed but you are seeing other POE issues that are lurking in background.

for instance: from firmware release 9.12.1 December 2015

R710 Known Issues • No Syslog message is sent for 802.3af PoE mode change. [ZF-13160]

R710 AP continues to request 25W power from the PoE switch even when the AP is configured to 802.3af mode. [ZF-14489] R710 Features Not Supported in This Release ZoneDirector Version 9.12.1 Release Notes, 800-71040-001 Rev E 17

Workaround: Disable LLDP Power-Via-MDI TLV on the PoE switch (this is only necessary if you wish to force the AP into 802.3af PoE mode on an 802.3at PoE+ switch for power budgeting reasons). On some switches, you may need to reset the AP connected Ethernet port/s to force the switch to renegotiate the new power level.