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Getting R710s to use POE+ (802.3at) mode on Netgear GS752TP switch

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I have 4 R710s connected to a Netgear GS752TP PoE switch which I cannot get to use PoE+ (802.3at) mode.

Looking at some of the previous posts and information, I SSHed into each R710 and found LLDP initially disabled, so I enabled via CLI. Now get lldp for all APs reads:

LLDP state: Enabled
LLDP interval: 30
LLDP holdtime: 120
LLDP mgmt: Enabled
LLDP bond type: Source MAC for LLDP frames on bond slaves: fixed
LLDP poe: Enabled
LLDP power: 25000
LLDP interface:
LLDP on eth0 : Enabled
LLDP on eth1 : Enabled

On the GS752TP switch, all access points are connected to the first 8 ports (which are POE+ 802.3at capable). 

On the LLDP settings for the switch, I've enabled transmit optional TLVs for ports 1-8, which should include Power via MDI.

Unfortunately all APs still remain in 802.3af PoE Power Consumption Mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?


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I actually have a Linksys LGS116P unmanaged switch which is PoE+ 802.3at capable. I've tried one of the R710s on that and it behaves the same. But as an unmanaged switch, I don't think it has LLDP support anyway, so that probably doesn't really help.

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I've had the same experience with the Cisco Meraki MX65 switch that has 2 802.3at POE+ ports. I can get a Meraki AP to negotiate PoE+ with it, and it's clearly using LLDP to do so, but I can't get my R710 to negotiate PoE+....

I've double checked the same LLDP settings via both the AP and ZD CLIs.

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Update re netgear switch end of things:
new firmware, 18 May2016,  for netgear GS7 series POE switches which references 2 POE fixes (which might or might not be relevant).

Directly previous firmware in March ( included POE debug enhancements so I'm thinking netgear recognises there are issues with their POE.

this kb article:

has some hands on suggestions for disabling POE on ports not using it! Especially if switch to switch connection. I have a few of those!