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Getting R710s to use POE+ (802.3at) mode on Netgear GS752TP switch

New Contributor II
I have 4 R710s connected to a Netgear GS752TP PoE switch which I cannot get to use PoE+ (802.3at) mode.

Looking at some of the previous posts and information, I SSHed into each R710 and found LLDP initially disabled, so I enabled via CLI. Now get lldp for all APs reads:

LLDP state: Enabled
LLDP interval: 30
LLDP holdtime: 120
LLDP mgmt: Enabled
LLDP bond type: Source MAC for LLDP frames on bond slaves: fixed
LLDP poe: Enabled
LLDP power: 25000
LLDP interface:
LLDP on eth0 : Enabled
LLDP on eth1 : Enabled

On the GS752TP switch, all access points are connected to the first 8 ports (which are POE+ 802.3at capable). 

On the LLDP settings for the switch, I've enabled transmit optional TLVs for ports 1-8, which should include Power via MDI.

Unfortunately all APs still remain in 802.3af PoE Power Consumption Mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?


Contributor III
What controller and FW version? I seem to remember seeing a bug fix for this in one of the latest releases

Assuming these are connected to a ZoneDirector, you also needed to SSH into the ZD and enable the various LLDP options on Default AP Group. I typically do it on the AP Group the AP's are actually in too

New Contributor II
Hi. Thanks for the replies.

I'm using a ZoneDirector 1200 with latest ( build 204) firmware.

I have actually already tried Dave Watkins' suggestion too (and I only use the System Default AP group) as per posting here -

Is there a way to monitor/log the negotiation that occurs between the PoE switch and the APs ?  Or are there any other suggestions ?


Valued Contributor
Just in case it's of any interest...or even use!

specs for R710 say...
  • PoE: 802.3af/at
Power Consumption
  • 8W (minimum)
  • 11W (typical)
  • 25W (peak, includes full USB load)​​
  • 12.95W (peak in 802.3af mode)
I have a Netgear GS752TP running R500s (max power 10.5W so don't need "at") using both "at" and "af" POE ports.

I didn't require anything beyond default settings.
Running latest firmware for switch  (

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