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GPL source code?

New Contributor III
Ruckus appears to be using Linux 3.4.103, but neither provided me with a copy of the GPL nor source code. The following site does not appear to have been updated in *years*:

How do I get source code for my Ruckus Zoneflex R710?

Esteemed Contributor II
Not sure Anthony, best approach would be to open a TAC ticket so they can ask engineering/product managment.

I have opened a ticket, Case#01375014, but they're refusing to help unless I buy hardware directly from an Authorized Reseller.

That's not how the GPL works!
You provided me with software images containing modified GPL binaries from your website, so you have to let me obtain the source code.

I wonder if someone from Ruckus can give me a more useful contact, or encourage the owner of my case to escalate to a more helpful contact.

I'm not asking for anything terribly unreasonable: I made it clear several times that compliance with the GPL cannot be tied to my support contract status, and that I would cover your costs.

I have noticed that there were recent (June 2022) releases of Ruckus ICX and Xclaim Xi3 source to SourceForge.

Ideally Ruckus could continue with this good work, and upload the rest of their GPL modifications.