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Two Zond Director HA methods & Zone Director local or central switching

New Contributor II
Hello all, I have a question for about of the HA. Can support the Zone Director 100 active/backup or active/active or Cluster? How can i use the Two Zone Director 100 HA ?? And another one question is, Could i use the Zone Director and AP with local switching or central switching like cisco WLC?

Valued Contributor II
hi chan..

HA is possible with ZD1106, ZD1205 and ZD3000 controllers...

HA can be done in two ways:

Limited ZD discovery mode

- 2 controllers.  controller 1 is primary and controller 2 is secondary.
there is no sync between the two controllers... when primary controller goes down, AP's move to secondary controller and will join as it is joining a new controller, may get firmware upgraded or downgraded, configuration also get changed based on how old or new configuration was on the secondary controller

100 = SmartZone, not Zone Director

Valued Contributor II
second mode is


2 controller, both controller are in active/standby mode however one controller is in action. all AP's are connected to active controller..
Both controller are in real time Sync in terms of firmware and configuration. Transition time is quick and WLAN network is restored in matter of minutes when active controller fails..

Valued Contributor II
for any HA mode to be successful...

controller model should be same..
should have same no of licenses
should have same firmware version on both controller..