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Factory reset of t610

New Contributor III

I got two used T610 and want to install them in school there I have a small WiFi net on R710/R610.

With the first one, there were not any issues: factory reset, login, flash unleashed firmware

However, I can't get access to the second one at all:

  • it created a new WiFi SSID: island-xxxxxx (according mac address)
    • I was able to connect using the serial number as WiFi password
    • However, there is no DHCP server and I don't know what IP should I use
  • it requested an IP address from a DHCP server
  • if no DHCP server, he accepts pings to
  • all ports are close
    • even 22 SSH: connections refused
    • even 80/443

TCP dump:



IP > broadcasthost.bootps: BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 18:4b:0d:27:75:40 (oui Unknown), length 548
LLDP, length 165: RuckusAP


Unleashed can not take it.

After the factory reset, nothing happened except it rebooted: the PWR indicator changed to red, then started to blink, and after releasing the button it rebooted.

I'm thinking of installing a virtual controller to proxmox.

What can I do?


Hi @syamantakomer 

It was run using a PoE injector with a direct connection to MacBook without any access to any network.  Obviously, it was taken from a working environment and it was not able to reach a controller. Also, the factory reset worked because the username and password were reset to default. However, SSH and HTTP/HTTPS ports were closed even after reset.

Finally, I was able to connect using the console port and flash unleashed using tftp. Of course, It was required open case but because no any warranty I didn't care about it.


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