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Desconfiguracion de R320

New Contributor III

Hola, amigos les tengo una consulta,estamos implementados varios equipos R320, a los equipos previamente se les coloca la IP de la controladora con el comando "set scg ip x.x.x.x"

Los Sw (diferentes marcas) donde se conectan los Ap son POE, en su mayoría pasa que cuando se los conecta los R320 pierden la configuración de la IP de la controladora.

Que se requiere hacer para que no pase esto.?


Valued Contributor II

Ap should remember set scg IP after moving it to different location, switch and so on. This setting isn't lost after reboot.

You can always check this setting using command

get scg

Command will report current SCG IP settings, connection status, last connected scg IP, and received from DHCP option 43 scg IP (if any is supplied).

Or you can use

get scg ip

This will report configured scg list on AP.


So if this setting is not persistent, I think command isn't executed and returns an error, because you have not scg version firmware (output is: command not recognized or something similar). In this case AP is unable to connect to scg in any way.

If you have ZD firmware, the command is

get director ip

If you get output on this command, than you have ZD firmware on AP.

Also, if AP is to be converted from ZD to scg firmware, you need to reset it to factory(reset to factory) , upgrade to vsz firmware, and than reset to factory again. Than you can configure it as needed.    

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Luis,

As a best practice, setup DHCP option 43 or use DNS discovery.

This way APs will never lose the IP address, even if you factory reset, AP will grab the IP again from DHCP or DNS.

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