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Dear Communinity.

New Contributor

Dear Community,

I am facing this issue since the network deployed. I have Zonedirector-1200 with 25 Ruckus indoor APs Model R350 and R650,

APs are on POE powered and also one AP is connected with adopter but all APs showing same error.

APs are rebooting randomly after sometime and shows the following error.


AP[Tahira-Hostel-1] heartbeats lost

AP[Tahira-Hostel-1] joins with uptime [22834] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : power cycle detect]

Radio [2.4G] of AP[Tahira Hostel-2] is OFF

Radio [5G] of AP[Tahira Hostel-2] is OFF

Radio [2.4G] of AP[Tahira Hostel-2] is ON

Radio [5G] of AP[Tahira Hostel-2] is ON


Zonedirector-1200 Firmware : build 265



RUCKUS Team Member

Dear @anwarahmed 

We have not received any similar reports for the APs managed by ZD b265

Please double-check one more time the POE delivery is not having any issues or open a case with RUCKUS TAC for deeper assistance.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @anwarahmed 
Power cycle detect reboots will occur due to Power issues from power source like Switches, also can occur due to cable failure.
If the switches are providing enough power and no issues with the cables, then you can open a support case so that we can check on this.

However, there are some steps which you try:
1. Identify some APs which are having issues regularly.
2. Try changing the ethernet cables. Especially on the AP with power adapter.
3. Try using a different port on the Switch. Identify a working port where the AP did not had any issues.
4. Make sure switch power budget is set enough to provide power to all the APs.