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Covering a medium auditorium

New Contributor II
Hi all,

I was wondering if you have any suggestions / "best practices" for the following situation :

We have to cover a medium dimension auditorium , 12.000 sf (~1200 squared meters) , serving around 500 clients (at peek , mobile phones, notebook devices) . All walls are plasterboard, around 250 seats .

Due to client policies / budget we are restricted to R300 / R500 APs . A ZoneDirector 1200 will be serving this location and 2 smaller ones (2APs/location) 

What would be an optimal number both in terms of coverage and concurrent access.

Any thoughts are highly appreciated

Contributor II
Forget about the R3xx series. These are not designed for scale.

R500/R510 are your minimum. Ideally R610 or R710.
Calculate number of APs by dividing number of people by 75

New Contributor III

Hi Dragos,

For lecture halls/auditoriums we go with R710s.
For a similar size auditorium, we would use from 3 to 5 APs (we might disable some of 2.4GHz radios).

You should also consider the type of applications/ traffic that the clients will use: web browsing/ e-mail or also video etc..

I wouldn't worry about the coverage, but more about the capacity.

You could use Andrew von Nagy's capacity planning tool in order to estimate the number of APs needed.