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Client loosing ip while roaming

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We have a client location of over 300 sites with R500 over 600 AP and controlled with zone director 3000.The problem is when a user roams from one site to another, clients will lose the IP. This seems to happen more often with clients who roam from one site to another. But when will remain connected to the wireless and suddenly have an APIPA address. Sometimes it will self-resolve after a minute or so...others the user will have to disconnect and reconnect.

So please kindly help me to solve this problem and I don't have any idea for this.


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Are you using DPSK and/or 11r? If you're using 11r with dpsk, you can disable 11r and see if it improves. If it does you should reach out to support. This was a bug in 5.x and is resolved in 6 for sure but we noticed it lately on a network using 6.1

The exact version it was reported in, was 5.2.1.x with # ER-8555 and resolved in 5.2.2.x
We are now running

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Thanks for your reply. 

Yes, We are using 11r for roaming but not using dpsk. Additionally, we control client access with Radius authentication. And the authentication method is 802.1x-eap.

We are using physical zone director 3050 with firmware version build 218 to control the AP. 

Not the vSZ Controller.

Is that controller bug or network problem?

Please kindly help me. 



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I am not sure if ZD3050 has similar issues, it's quite an older platform compared to smartzone. You could try disabling 11r and see how it goes. If you have voip over wifi this might cause some issues of course. 11r is very beneficial in .1x though, so find an appropriate time to test this if you have many mobile devices such as phones where fast roaming is handy.

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Community Admin

Hello @ArNO,

There could be many reasons for this and without troubleshooting each network point it will be difficult to solve this kind of issues.

Couple of things which you should be checking are:

  1. DHCP server scope and available IPs in it should not be less than the number of expected clients.
  2. Check and make sure VLAN configuration is correct on the switch ports where APs are connected. If you are using different VLANs for different WLANs, make sure those are tagged currently on the SW ports where APs are connected.
  3. Try disabling 802.11r and see if that helps.
  4. Use separate VLANs for different WLANs.

For more precise troubleshooting, you may need to log a case with Support.

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