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Ansible module for configuration of Ruckus Wireless products

New Contributor III

Did someone already create Ansible modules for Ruckus? 

There are for Aruba and


Esteemed Contributor II
Never heard of "Ansible" before, but it's not likely that Ruckus will provide any Aruba remote run commands using their mobility controller, if you're not just trying to SPAM us.

God, what is with the attitude from the "official" reps here?  Seriously, you haven't heard of one of the biggest DevOps tools in the world so this must be spam?  I enjoy the product, but this kind of nonsense makes me talk down the support/community when asked about the product vs. competitors.

Please see the Aug 10th post below, that I've let Product Marketing know!

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,

It is not a spam. I am sorry you thought that. 

Ansible is used for infrastructure automation (Infrastructure as code which is one of the DevOps methodology). It would be useful to automate AP provisioning, AP configuration (for example when you want to move a set of managed AP from one ZD to anonther).

Since this is possible for other wifi vendors, I thought that maybe someone is working on this for Ruckus. That is the reason why I asked the question in the forum and did not open a case with Support.