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Bridge Support - ZF7341

New Contributor II
We have a 4 ZF7341 AP.. I have to bridge my all ZF7341 (Access point) can someone please guide me . what configuration should be use . I cannot find any documentation to support this - in fact most seems to suggest that we have to use controllers for this purpose as 7300 Series does not support bridge option. Please help.

Valued Contributor
IF you are talking about MESH then yes, you need to have a ZD for MESH to work. However think twice before doing this with 7341 APs. IT is not suggested to use this topology. Use dual-band APs for that.

New Contributor II
thx for your reply... so you mean to say that without controller we cant MESH 2 Access point. there is no option available in 7300 series .


can you please suggest which indoor access point can feasible for MESH . I want to use 3 Indoor access point without ether cabling or without controller expense. Please suggest which AP is suitable and working for this scenario .. so I can go for this. thx