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Motorola AP 8232 - Unable to connect to configuration-manager: Resource temporarily unavailable

New Contributor
I have a problem with Motorola AP 8232 ( as below:

Step 1: Reset factory default with username and password as reset/FactoryDefault
Step 2: After the AP has been reset successfully, I login with username and password as admin/admin or any
Step 3: I cannot enter configuration mode. It only displays diag mode with limit commands

Here is log:

Please press Enter to activate this console.
ap8232-A3625C login: admin
Unable to connect to configuration-manager: Resource temporarily unavailable
Welcome to CLI

Unable to connect to configuration-manager, executing limited diagnostic shell

==== WARNING ====

The CLI process has not initialized.
Please exit this shell and try again.
If this problem persists then this shell
provides a limited subset of commands
to allow you to restore the system to
a working state. Please use "help" or "?"
to see a list of available commands.
diag >
diag >
diag >
diag >enable
Unrecognized command
diag >
boot Boot commands
delete Deletes specified file from the system.
exit Exit from the CLI
help Description of the interactive help system
logout Exit from the CLI
reload Halt and perform a warm reboot
service Service Commands
show Show running system information
upgrade Upgrade firmware image

diag >

Please help me to solve it.
Thank you so much

Valued Contributor II

While we'd love to help, we're not affiliated with Motorola and so I think your best bet is

New Contributor
Thanks Keith,
I have already contacted with Motorola support. While I'm waiting response, I want to find another way 😄

Valued Contributor II
Unfortunately, I suspect you're seeing a hardware failure.

This would be our equivalent

Valued Contributor
I think the best way to solve your problem would be to trade in your Motorola APs and replace them with some Ruckus Wireless gear. Do it now and thank me later.

You're welcome.