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Automated Network Discovery of APs

New Contributor II
I'm in the process of deploying Ruckus Wireless in a school district. 300-400 APs controlled by a ZD 3000 controller.

To automate my documentation, I'm considering purchasing a network device discovery and mapping tool to automate my Visio diagrams. Namely, NetBrain.

What I'm wondering is what is available for APs controlled by a ZD for scanning purposes?

I know that APs can be logged into via SSH but is SNMP available on the AP so it can be snmp-walked?

Any additional information would be helpful.


Valued Contributor II
Yes, APs do support SNMP. I believe you'll be able to query the ZD for connected AP's and use that for discovery.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the help.

Does the ZD push the SNMP community values to the AP?

Basically, the software walks the network based on a subnet you give it to determine the devices out there. It can then use SSH and/or SNMP for discovery purposes. I can import MIBs into the software if necessary. The software also uses LLDP/CDP but I found that these are not supported.

So querying the ZD wouldn't really help in the case unless I'm misunderstanding.

Contributor II
The ZD does push the community string out to the APs, so they will respond to SNMP.