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PSA: Is your outdoor AP still under warranty?

Valued Contributor II
We've been selling outdoor AP's for several years now, and with the recent winter storms, we're starting to see more situations recently where the customer was not aware that their outdoor AP was out of warranty.

All Ruckus outdoor AP's have a 1 year limited warranty, and unfortunately we do not offer a repair service. The best way to protect your investment is to purchase a WatchDog Advance Replacement support contract for the device(s).

We are offering an "amnesty" program through the end of March 2014 where you can purchase a support contract (minimum 3year) for *working* (a copy of the AP "supportinfo" file is required) outdoor AP's - and there is no back-dating and no reinstatement fee required. The 3 year program is an outstanding value - only 2x the price of the 1 year and so is very affordable.

Contact your Ruckus authorized reseller for more information.

Most of our other products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

New Contributor II
After 7 years of using Ruckus products, this is significant for everyone to know. We were not aware that there is not a repair option for outdoor AP's. We have had so few problems that we have never really needed to replace anything. People should certainly be aware that their $2000+ outdoor AP's could potentially end up being useless if they do not implement the Watchdog Advance Replacement Support Contract.