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Anyone have trouble connecting their Sonos to their Ruckus R510 unleashed?

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I have 4 APs at the office all R510s with R510_200.   - for some reason my Sonos can't even find it.   I have 2.4GHz enabled.   I know with some APs I've worked with in the past I've had to enable multicast.  I couldn't find that in the GUI.   I found a very unclear thread that sounded like  you couldn't use unleashed or might need a zone director - I couldn't make heads or tails of what the environment that does or doesn't work with Sonos.    Can anyone answer for my specific environment?

Thanks so much for this information! I was initially unable to pair the Sub Mini with the Beam already connected to my tv. After reading this post, I purchased Sonos Boost and connected it to the Ruckus switch directly. I also disabled directed multicast based on other feedback. Thanks again!

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You actually don’t need the boost. I just hard wired one of my Play one speakers and it created the dedicated WiFi network. I talked with Sonos support when I had this problem a year ago and they told me to just hardwire my play one. I don’t remember if any speaker would work but I can confirm the play one works.

Right, I couldn’t do that option myself as my APs are mounted on the ceiling and I could not connect via hard wire. I overlooked that tidbit for OP so hopefully that can be an option that works for him!

Thanks - yes - when I hardwired them they worked however they need to be in places the ruckus is not.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Jim,

Ruckus APs uses a feature called directed multicast which improves the performance when less clients are connected to AP.

Some devices which uses multicast do not like this feature and may cause issue for devices to find another device over the Ruckus WiFi network.

I will suggest you to try disabling directed multicast on WLAN and ether net ports of the APs and it should solve your problem.

Here is the article which explains about this feature and how to disable it. 

Below artilce explains best practices configuring Sonos.

Let me know if this solves your issue.

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Syamantak Omer
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