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Android and iPhone randomized macs causing d-psk woes

New Contributor II
For years, we've used a d-psk setup at one of our clients, with few-to-no hitches. Now, android 11 and ios 14 show up with their randomized mac addresses, and every day we hit our key limits on the ZD. These randomized MACs are getting a lot more common. Anyone have a workaround to keep using d-psk, or is that tech essentially on its deathbed now?

It's supposed to work that way on both...but it doesn't in practice, at least not here. I've got 1000-1200 BYODs onsite and about 50 of them (mostly ios beta, but some android) seem to be fine for 1-2 days, then change a couple times all in the same day. Have yet to figure out what's triggering it to suddenly create a new address.

ios beta was half broken. The final one is indeed "sticky" with the mac (but also, the mac will change from pre-14 to post-14 for the same device, after 24 hours of the first new connection to the network)

Meaning:  my phone was a client of your network and using its HW MAC. I upgrade to ios 14. The first time I connect to your network (if its on the "remembered" settings) it will show as using random mac (in settings) but the first 24 hours it will use the physical MAC. After that it will use the random MAC but forever (until the wifi network is forgotten in settings).

Android is supposed to work in a similar manner but for previously known networks it should change its MAC. (thats what I can confirm with my pixel 3a upgraded to android 11)

iOS14 beta results should be ignored..... but yes, they are a pain!

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One of the early betas randomized the MAC every 24 hours. But yeah the final version for me has been MAC stable for a given SSID unless you forget and rejoin the network.