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Ruckus IOT (vRIoT) with ZoneDirector?

New Contributor
I recently obtained a couple of Ruckus AP and a ZD1200 for my home network.
Now I am looking into SmartHome and wondered whether there is a way to utilize my Ruckus deployment (with IoT capable APs) for that.

Up until now the only way i found to manage the IoT capability of the APs is the vRIot controller which in turn seems to require a (virtual) SmartZone controller ... so not usable for me.

1. Can I use vRIoT with a ZoneDirector? (I assume no, so - Why not? Any plans to change this? - only for small deplyoments maybe?)
2. Can I use the AP's IoT capability with another controller/middleware [smart home  software, NodeRed etc) - or directly per AP?

It seems a waste to not to be able to use the AP's capabilities just because I have no way of running a controller...


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi TR,

I am afraid, IOT is not supported on ZD platform and to use IoT capability, AP's need to be pushed with IOT firmware which is only possible with v/SZ.  The main challenge behind not supporting IoT with ZD platform is Ruckus is moving away from ZD platform and ZD1200 is the last product in the ZD family. Small and medium customer environments are transitioning to unleashed or cloud platforms and large scale enterprise customers are moving to v/SZ. However, engineering completely understand the request and they are looking at options to support IoT for residential / smart home owners.


New Contributor
Hi Ankush,

thanks for the info.
Given that the ZD1200 has at least 5 years of life left (based on the fact it has not yet been EOL'ed ) I would hope that there is still feature development on it (despite it being the old tech nowadays:)).

I don't expect this is a totally new idea, so are there any tentative timelines on this?
Basically I am just wondering whether its months (to a beta) or years if at all.


Hi TR,

I cannot commit on the timelines as that is a Dev Teams decision. However, as per my discussion with the engineering team there are no plans to support it on ZD platform. I would suggest you to get in touch with your local Ruckus SE for further clarifications.