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Swapping AP models

New Contributor III

We're about to begin the process of swapping from R710 to R750 access points, and I've just noticed the Add Swap-in button in smartzone. Can this be done with different models, or is it strictly the same model?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @kk1313 
I believe it should be done for other AP models as well provided the controller version is supported for the AP model.
Check out the below article for complete information on the Swap-in feature.

New Contributor II

For others who find this thread later. If you read the fine print in the Admin guide it does note that you cannot perform a dislike model swap via Web GUI or CSV. I can confirm that this is absolutely the case. I understand why that would not be supported due to the possibility of model specific option configuration. However, this seems like it should be base functionality. There is definitely the need to add this as a feature request.