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7731 PtMP to AP's instead of to another 7731

New Contributor III
Can a 7731 be used in PtMP mode to shoot a signal to 7363 AP's? (or other Ruckus AP's ?)

I have a situation where i need to get signal inside some apartments across a parking lot from where the WAN equipment is and its proved difficult so far with a 7762 - i do get a signal in those apartments from a 7762 but its very weak.

Since i had a lightning strike to that 7762 i only have 7731's left in stock (local Ruckus agent does not keep stocks in country so long lead times to get radios)

So in order to get this job done i have to use what i have at hand.

I have 4 x 7731's and 8 x 7363's plus a few other AP's (7321, 7341, 7982 that i brought in so i could actually see the product as the agent does not do this)

So the question - can i use a 7731 in PtMP mode to get a signal to a 7363 (since dual band)?

If i cant do that to a 7363 AP , would a 7982 AP be any different?

If possible i dont want to use a 7731 on each end then run ethernet from the 7731 to one of the indoor radios i have.

Will what i propose work? If not how else can i do this?

Valued Contributor
Sure it will. No problem. You could also combine 7731 backhaul with MESH on 7363. So run a PtP to a few 7363s and EMSH to some others, IF you have a ZD that is. You could also MESH 7363s with 7982s.

One thing that could give you a little trouble is the distance of 7731s on those apartments. If they don't have RF "sight" of each other you might encounter some interference issues, but we'll solve that one if you encounter it.

Go ahead and play.

New Contributor III
Thanks Primoz - saves loads of time "playing" with something that may or may not work.

OK so great - 7731 in PtMTP -> 7363 in Mesh mode

Will try this.


RUCKUS Team Member
I work for Ruckus and have been working with 7731s for a while. We have not ever recommended connecting 7363s (or other APs) with 7731s. The 7731 can only be setup in PTMP with each other. 7363s can only be setup in Mesh if they're ZD controlled and the 7731 is not ZD controlled. Our Ruckus Engineers could probably bypass and connect them but it's not customer recommended or supported at the moment.
Thank you.

New Contributor III

OK got that. I was messing with this yesterday and sort of came to the conclusion that a 7363 in mesh mode was not going to work via a 7731 - at least the way i had in mind anyway.

So your post saves me lots of time messing around only to find i cant do what i wanted to.

If only Ruckus dealers kept real stocks of AP's and we didn't have to wait weeks and weeks for AP's to show up - i would not have tried this if i could get a new AP fast enough.

I have a job to get done for a client and trying to use what i have on hand, hence this strange way of trying to do things.

I've had this whinge about stocks with the Ruckus GOD's in this part of the world but it falls on deaf ears. Wonderful product though - i wouldn't want to use anything else ! So in love with Ruckus here!!