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7372 locked to wrong country

I have a zf7372 that somehow got locked into NL country code. Perhaps that happened when I took it out of the box and first thing I did was hook it up to a ZoneDirector with NL country code. Now I cannot change the country code back to US, which it was made for.
How do I unlock this? Factory reset and connecting to ZoneDirector will keep saying "wrong country code", CLI also states "illegal to change country code".
Is there a way to reset to "never initialized, pre-country-locked" settings?

rkscli: get countrycode
Country is NL
rkscli: set countrycode US
illegal to change country code

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Support Nusanetwork,

Not sure if you still have the same problem. If yes, please open a support case to resolve the issue.

New Contributor
Is support still available for the 7372? I have the same issue, and when I try to submit a support case, the site says the serial number "asset does not exist".

Where did you buy your AP?  Your reseller would register your product, unless you bought direct Ruckus support.

New Contributor II
hola en la empresa donde yo trabajo compramos zoneflex 7372 que bienvivieron con la reguion "usa" como región , y para mi país seria Uruguay.

es para consultar como se puede modificar 

New Contributor
can you help me?, i have same problem