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Zone Director IP vs Netgear Router

New Contributor II
Got a new ZD 12 and T300’s. I bought a basic Netgear Router to setup between the incoming internet line and ZD so it would assign it an IP so I could reach the setup wizard. So I set it up to that IP address but for some reason the router keeps randomly changing the IP.

I even reserved the IP through the Netgear router for the ruckus with that mac address. Seems like it works. Then randomly the IP changes again.

Any ideas?

Excluded the ip from router dhcp it should not be change ,,

And assign static IP to zd still same issue plz send model no of ur router and configuration file as well

New Contributor

I have faced same issue with my netgear router, when I got the setup wizard then I easily set up to that IP address but suddenly the router changes the IP address. So anyone can tell me the reason of suddenly changes the IP address. I didn’t install the hard drive on netgear router then I resolved this issue from this link

New Contributor
It depends what they what to do with wireless but if it is unreliable it will cost more in wasted time!! I would get some Cisco quotes if they what to see expensive. Ruckus AP generally can support 30 laptops per AP.